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1. 'Just one more episode' is our most used phrase, even if it's the early hours of the morning and we have responsibilities the next day.

2. Our Netflix subscription is our most important direct debit.

3. We enter a period of mourning when TV shows finally end...Dexter, in particular. 

4. Season premieres and finales are important dates on our yearly calendar. Hello, Game of Thrones!

5. We live in fear of season finale cliffhangers, especially the one awaiting us at the end of the latest series of The Walking Dead.

6. We can watch an entire season in a day or two...Luther, The Killing, The Office, 24, Dexter...you name it! 

7. Bee knows everything about the actors personal lives as well as their characters...even if Luke finds it a little creepy. 

8. We will do everything in our power to hide from spoilers, especially when it comes to Agents of Shield and its links to the latest Marvel films.

9. We will forever associate certain actors/actresses with their most beloved characters aka Nick Offerman will always be Ron Swanson and Rainn Wilson will always be Dwight Schrute.

10. We sometimes have to remind ourselves that the characters and tv series' are not real. Li'l Sebastian will always be real though...

Anything you'd like to add to this list? Are you addicted to TV shows too? Let us know in the comments below and we'll have a little nose. You can also tweet us at @tftcblog. We're probably off to watch some more TV...We'll see you on Wednesday! 

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  1. Couldn´t agree more with this list, especially #3 and #4!

  2. Hahah, this made me giggle from how true it really is! My boyfriend and I are the exact same when it comes to programmes. We've recently been hooked on White Collar! Always saying "just one more episode" to that. x

  3. Have you seen that Portlandia sketch 'One more episode'? Its scarily true!
    I'm going to add one- not being able to watch a new episode of a beloved tv show without your OH, because to do so would be a COMPLETE betrayal!

  4. Oh dear, this definitely reminds me of me - I'm much too addicted to tv shows, it's becoming worrying how much I immerse myself in them! But thank goodness I don't seem to be the only one!

    Anna xx | The Girl In The Moon

  5. Dexter broke my heart because of how it ended :(

  6. Sooo you've just described what goes on in my brain ;) Great list!



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