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It's definitely no secret that Luke loves to talk about films, so he thought he'd sit down and share his favourite steelbooks from his collection with you. You lucky ducks! Steelbooks, if you're wondering, are essentially blu-ray discs in very fancy steel covers. They usually come with pretty awesome designs on the front, so they're perfect for decorating your shelves with, and they also make the most perfect gifts for avid film watchers. Let us know your favourite design in the comments below! 

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point break
I love the design of this steelbook! Its got one of the most iconic elements of the film right on the front and, in my opinion, it looks a lot better than having a superimposed Keanu Reeves glancing at you with those judgmental eyes of his (looking at you Devil's Advocate!). I only got around to watching this film last year but I'm really glad I did. I think the last film I watched with surfing in was Surfs Up, which I can tell you with relative confidence was nothing like Point Break (which is probably for the best). What I'm trying to say, whilst trying to avoid going off on a tangent involving other animated films I forgot existed, is that Point Break is a classic. Bee and I really liked it and there's a good chance you could too! 

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This steelbook is probably the one with the best design in my collection. It has a lovely minimalist design, with no borders, slapped on quotes or stickers or notices.  Despite steelbooks generally holding a high price tag, I actually managed to get this one for under £10 brand new, along with The Jungle Book, which I'll be honest played a large part in my purchase. Saying that though the design, as I've said above, is awesome and I'm glad I bought it as I'm hoping to collect all of the Disney classic steelbooks. If you'd asked me to name my favourite Disney films off the top of my head, I would probably have left this one out and I really don't know why. Its got everything you could want from an animated adventure, and it is definitely wrestling with Nemo for the top spot under the sea. 

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pulp fiction
Its design is that of the original movie poster and, whilst I guess it could be more unique, I love it. This was one of the first steelbooks I searched for on Ebay, as I wanted to make sure I had a healthy selection of highly rated and genuinely brilliant films in my collection. I've already talked a bit about Pulp Fiction, in our 10 Films Bee Needs to See post, but it is a modern classic, and Tarantino's best to date, so whether you rent, borrow or buy it, make sure you watch it! 

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the rise of the planet of the apes
This steelbook looks very much like its fellow blu-ray and DVD counterparts, but again it removes the borders and ditches the plastic for shiny metallic goodness. This was actually pretty hard to get brand new as I'm sure, like a lot of steelbooks, it's out of print now. However, I really liked the film so I just had to have it in my collection. I'm really looking forward to the sequel of this film and that should indicate how much I liked the first one. It's one of those weird films where you can find yourself rooting against humans, and I love how they have re-imagined the source material. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was one of my favorite films of 2011, and if you missed it its certainly worth squeezing in this year. 

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This is one of the more unique designs in my collection, and I think it looks awesome. It's all artwork, with no information on the back, but hey it's 2014, anything you want to know is on the discs themselves these days tucked just inside! Again, I guess this one has made it into my collection because I really like the film and I'm also a big fan of the whole sci-fi/ fantasy genre in general. The second of the new reboot films, Star Trek Into Darkness, in my opinion, is the better of the two. Although, I really like both! My only gripe so far though is that there's not enough deep space exploration and adventure to complement the great cast of characters, action and special effects.

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The one with the sort of vintage style minimalist design, Skyfall definitely stands out from the others. Similar to Star Trek Into Darkness, there isn't reels of information cluttering the front and back, just 007 and his lovely Aston Martin DB5. I'm hoping to add Away We Go and Road to Perdition to my collection as well, so I can have a mini set of Mendes films. I like collecting collections within collections! Sam Mendes has done really well pulling James Bond back to the dizzy heights of Casino Royale, and out of the dark precipice that was Quantum of Solace. It was no surprise to me either, because I consider him to be a very good director. Skyfall, for me, is one of the best James Bond films, embodying the old and the new to make it stand out among the rest.  

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  1. Wow I never knew such things existed (the steelbooks - not the DVDs lols) I love the idea of the Star Trek one being a Trekkie myself, yet I have issues with that film - mainly because of the reboot in parts I guess and Kahn originally being Asian and of course him now being white and all.

    Anyways - on a lighter note - me and my husband collect vintage vinyl records (we have over 800), vintage cookbooks, to god knows what else - I think we have collector issues!

  2. Point Break!! One of those films I could watch anytime, an absolute favourite!

    Faded Windmills

  3. I'd never heard of steelbooks before but they look cool! I especially love the Skyfall cover :)


  4. Steelbooks are awesome. My other half Liam loves them too - he keeps an eye on the latest ones and will usually Add to basket! ;) The Rush one that came out recently looks pretty cool: http://www.sainsburysentertainment.co.uk/en/Films-TV/Blu-ray/Chris-Hemsworth/Rush-Limited-Edition-Steelbook/product.html?product=E11284917 x


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