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l: So as you may or may not know, I love video games and have been playing them pretty much since I was able to hold a controller. Bee, on the other hand, is far less accustomed to my world of pixelated adventures, but I'm determined to change that. Where better to start than with Little Big Planet Karting, one mini stepping stone towards further forays into the world of gaming for two! We are embarking on a quest to find the ultimate co-op game, and we're taking you with us so buckle up!   

little big planet karting game review uk lifestyle blog

#1: little big planet karting (2012)

publisher: sony computer entertainment | platform: ps3

Little Big Planet Karting is, shock horror, a racing game. The aim of the game is to race against your opponents, in an attempt to win first place. There are lots of different levels, and lots of different gaming modes: from your normal racing modes, to rallies, to rainbow waypoints, to battle rounds. However, if you fancy a casual race, there's also a mode for that too! It's also free for Playstation + subscribers, so if you know anyone with an account, pop round their house for a game and a cuppa! 

little big planet karting review
{Our characters in the Pod!}  

b: This game is perfect for newbies like myself! The instructions are clear, the controls are simple, and there's a tutorial that you can access at any stage to remind you of how it all works. You also get given a lot of hints and tips throughout, so you won't get confused. This game is just so much fun! There's a huge selection of tracks, and the levels are fun and fast-paced so they're great if you've only got a spare five minutes. I just love that it's not a super serious game, and you can dip in and out whenever you want. 

L: Now, in my opinion, Little Big Planet Karting is one of those games that even the most casual among us can get to grips with fairly easily and quickly. There are only really two or three buttons to worry about most of the time, with your main concerns being how to accelerate and how to fire your weaponator! The obvious comparison to this game is going to be the Super Mario Kart franchise and, despite not playing one of those games since I had my Nintendo 64, I would agree that they seem very similar. Perhaps the edge Little Big Planet Karting might have is the awesome customisation options, from how your character looks, to the vehicle you choose to drive. Whether they're made of cardboard or coconuts or driven by someone dressed up as a unicorn, Little Big Planet Karting's space for customisation is a fun and hilarious part of the game.  

little big planet karting review best co-op games
{image from: LittleBigPlanet}  

B: This game is so aesthetically pleasing compared to others on the market! The design pretty much ticks all the boxes for me: it's creative, bright and colourful, and you can play as a unicorn! The graphics, to me, look really crisp and pleasing to the eye, and the animation is also top-notch despite the fact that it's a few years old now! The soundtrack is also really great. Usually, gaming soundtracks begin to grate on me within about ten minutes (looking at you FIFA!). However, the tracks on this game are really sweet and appropriate. I also like that you can customise the sounds your character's cart makes, and Stephen Fry's voice over work is also superb.

L: I love the design of the Little Big Planet franchise, it looks really good on Playstation 3 and the art style allows it to look better than a lot of other games in its field. The animation is also really good to, and the race tracks we have played through so far have been pretty varied and different to your average run-of-the-mill racing games. 

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{customisation in the Pod!}  

B: Honestly, this is one of those games that I could play game after game of because it's just so fun and fast-paced! There's so many things to collect and so many scores to beat, so you always have a huge incentive to go back to the game. Little Big Planet Karting also has a lot of downloadable content, so you can also spend your time collecting all of it. I don't mind the amount of DLC because we got this game for free. However, if we'd bought it I think we'd feel a little annoyed that there was so much content to buy on top of the overall price. Another good thing to remember is that you can actually make your own tracks and share them with others, so there's hours of extra fun because you can trial and rate other people's inventions too! 

L:  This game is kind of one of those that has no 'end game' as such. If you want to just pick it up and race your friends you can, whether it's on the same screen or online. There are loads of levels, trillions of new car designs, character costumes, bonus levels, stickers and other collectibles to find along the way. This game has a lot of replay-ability and, quite simply, it's as long as you want it to be. 

little big planet karting review gaming blog uk
{image from: LittleBigPlanet}  

B: I'd say this game was hugely accessible to all due to its ease and hugely enjoyable levels. It has proved to be really enjoyable for both a co-op n00b like myself, and a seasoned gamer like Luke! If you fancy a light-hearted racing game to ease you into the big wide gaming world, this is definitely one for you. 

L: Would I recommend this game? Of course I would, it's fun, easy to get into and never has to be the same, thanks to all of the customisation options. Bee and I loving playing it, it packs a lot of humour into it, which is just one of the many things it offers and one of the many things we enjoy. So I hope you find this review useful if you're looking for a fun co-op game to play, now I'm off to find another one I'm hoping Bee will enjoy!


 What are your favourite co-op games?  
  What do you think of Little Big Planet Karting? Will you be giving it a go?

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  1. I love Little Big Planet, the original, A LOT! And now I can't wait to try Little Big Planet Karting - it's perfect for gaming parties.
    Andreea | http://catsfika.blogspot.ro/

  2. I haven't played Karting yet, but I absolutely adore LBP/LBP 2. You should definitely introduce Bee to that as well (if you have it), my friends are all non-gamers but when I've played it with them they've all absolutely loved it, it's such an ideal multi-player game and the controls are ridiculously simple. I've said this already but I'm loving this blog so far, such a good mix!

    http://thelittlehappys.blogspot.com xx

  3. Well thank you for doing this post because I have always written off this game just by loooking at the cover (shallow I know!) however, you've totally sold it to me! I lovvvvvvvvve co-op games and this looks right up my street! I really love diddy kong and mario kart although I also like Sims for games to play together. xxx


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