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The sun has well and truly had his hat on of late and, as such, we've also found ourselves spending a lot more time outdoors. After hearing that Bee's Dad had taken the week off work, we decided to catch up with him and go for some yummy pub grub at one of our local pubs, The Swan. We've celebrated many an event as this pub and it's always one of the pubs we head to when the sun is shining and we want to get away from the seaside crowds. 

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After much deliberation, Bee opted for one of the day's specials: Tuna steak, pineapple salsa and fries. Although, she's not actually able to eat fruit and veg at the moment so the salsa was swiftly transferred to her Dad's plate! Whilst she liked the dish, and demolished the fries, the steak was a little too rare for her liking. Not one for the faint hearted. She's definitely going to make a note of it for next time! 

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Luke also went for one of the day's specials: Slow cooked pork belly with purple sprouting, mashed potato, sweet peppers and a honey & soy sauce. He got through it all with relative ease so that's always a good sign! 

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Of course, no TFTC meal out is side-less. We decided to get the garlic focaccia because we are both garlic fiends. It was bloody delightful. We probably could have demolished a loaf's worth. Garlic is SO GOOD!

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As you're in the middle of the countryside, it's never long before you hear the echo of hooves. This time we spotted four horses strolling along the lanes, looking rather content with life indeed. After polishing off the first course, Luke had his eye on the apple and cinnamon tart on the dessert board so he headed off to order it whilst Bee retrieved a cupcake from the boot of the car. We had been shopping earlier in the day...we don't just have an endless supply of cupcakes in the car. Totally wish we did, though! 

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With full bellies, we headed to another little pub not too far away and had some more sophisticated conversation in the beer garden. Not before Dad discussed cider with the locals around the bar, of course. This little pub is pretty top secret, and it's only the locals that really venture to it, so we'll keep its whereabouts quiet for now. Here's a photograph of the outside though for all the sleuths out there ;) 

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NOW THAT WE'VE SHARED a couple of our local haunts with you, tell us...
• What's your local haunt called and what's your favourite dish they serve? 

All in all, we had a pretty lovely day. Time to settle down with some more food and catch up with Game of Thrones, we think! We'll see you on Sunday. Have a good rest of the week!

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  1. This food looks so good. My mouth is officially watering.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. Oh man, he food looks so good! I miss pub grub! xxx



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