The Finer Snacks Club: LIDL Edition

As you've gathered, we watch a lot of films and television shows and, for us, that goes hand in hand with grazing. We usually end up buying the same sort of snacks week after week, so we've decided to do something a little different this week and take you lot along for the ride. We put on our gladrags and headed to Lidl, a supermarket that we rarely frequent, to test out some snacks from across the pond. Here's our haul...

the finer things club uk lifestyle lidl
freeway orange (49p)  
Also known as cheap Orangina (without the bits)! It definitely rivaled the big name brands, such as Tango and Fanta, and we'd definitely get it again. Although, we don't really get why they decided to name it Freeway...little bit of an awkward one to offer to your grandparents or in-laws!!

Mister choc milk chocolate bars (11 for 99p)
These were so yummy! The packaging was also pretty great, and they were the perfect treat size for those that like to show some restraint (hint: we don't!). We think these would make really good additions to treat jars or party bags too. The only thing that annoys us about them is that they come in a pack of 11...why 11?! Round it up to 12, god damnit! However, we'd definitely go back for these little bars of chocolately goodness. 
ritter sport white chocolate with cornflakes (£1.49)
The posh chocolate! In our humble opinion, the combination of chocolate and cornflake is an inspired one. Creamy, yet crunchy, this bar was pretty irresistible. The packaging was really nice and simple and, as a result, we think it'd look really good in a hamper or alongside a bouquet of flowers for someone special. We'd definitely go back and try all of the other flavours. 
fritt cherry flavoured chews (59p)
We liked the packaging but that's about it. They smelled and tasted like scented nappy bags, not gunna lie. We didn't even know it was possible to capture that flavour in something, and then market it as edible. We wouldn't buy these again. Stick to MAOAM! 

paprika rusti chips (94p)
Pringles cheaper, albeit a little dishier, brother. We preferred the texture of these compared to their crumbly counterpart, as we didn't find them as 'cardboardy' as Luke so beautifully put it. Compared to the price of Pringles these days, these are a really good option. We'd probably buy these again. 

sondey sandwich biscuits (99p)
The packaging was pretty fun, with a princess on the outside and a castle imprinted on every biscuit inside. These weren't bad but they were very very dry. Don't attempt to eat them without dunking them in a cool glass of milk or a hefty mug of tea! The chocolate to biscuit ratio could have also been a bit better, but otherwise they weren't bad at all. You certainly don't need more than one or two at a time so they'll last you forever in a bit of tupperware. 

choco softies choc coated marshmallows (£1.49)
These were like marshmallows on steroids. They were absolutely huge! Kids would probably kill for them. The chocolate was really thin and the marshmallow was nice and gooey, and those two factors admittedly did make them quite endearing. However, we would've preferred them if they were on a biscuit base, as opposed to a wafer base. Bee couldn't get through a whole one, and we both found them a bit too sickly for our tastes. However, if you're a big marshmallow fan, you should probably give them a go because of the novelty value.

if we could only re-buy one thing, it'd be: 
The Mister Choc chocolate bars and the Freeway! Yes, we know that's two but it's our blog so nerr! 

Not content with just showing you our haul, we thought we'd share a few other things that didn't quite make the cut...

uk lifestyle blog snacks
These drums of paprika flavoured crisps and tortillas....
uk lifestyle blog tea food
These gorgeous looking 99p teas...

food uk lifestyle blog
These heart shaped chicken nuggets...vom


 What are your favourite things to snack on?  
  Will you be on the look out for any of these in the future? 

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*this post isn't in collaboration with anyone or anything, this is just genuinely how we spend our free time!


  1. Oh my word look at all those teas! That's awesome. Oreo's are my weakness - totally loving the cookie dough limited edition flavour at the moment, they aren't really lasting long in this apartment!

  2. I'm never out of Lidl these days! I love the sour cream version of those crisps and my fave sweets are those squishy sugary strawberry things, my obsession is getting out of hand... :)

  3. Since I've been in London I've been obsessed with those little mixed bags of Haribo candies. My flatmate is constantly bringing them home and they are SO GOOD.
    Those marshmallows look right up my alley. May have to pick up a box for the weekend.

  4. Lidl is my nearest and regular supermarket and my affection for it started in the Motherland itself.

    Their version of Pringles are awesome, but you MUST look for their pretzel stick things (long, straight pretzels). They're the best. Also, the Italian style pizzas from Lidl are by far the best freezer/oven pizza we've had, and approx 1/3 of the price of the ones in the big name super markets.

    Glad you've found love in Ritter- a good solid German brand, the winter ones (caramel orange anyone?!) are the bestest thing ever.

  5. I love Lidl, if only for being able to pick up Ritter Sport! Best chocolate ever!

  6. Can I join in on the snack haul when I come and visit? ;) x

  7. Haha love this :) We snack on Tesco's 99p bags of popcorn :D

  8. I didnt know lidl did ritter sport!!!!! But all this is useless to me ever since they charged my 90quid for staying in the carpark longer than 1hr30!!!! Surely they want me perusing? ! Anywho, great snack finds!!


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