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Over the past four years, we've watched a lot of television shows together, to the point where we struggle to name them all without the help of the interwebz. We know that a lot of you also adore television shows, so we thought we'd compile a little list of some of our favourites to help you during times of need and times of great procrastination. Why creep on old school friends on Facebook when you could marathon one of the following shows?! Feel free to leave some of your favourite television shows in the comments below so people can check them out too!

the office

the office (us)

'A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behaviour, and tedium'

B: We absolutely adore this show. Our blog name is even a reference to the club that Pam, Oscar and Toby hold in the break room for god's sake! Like many people, we were really dubious before watching it. We thought it might be a half-arsed adaptation of the English version but, thankfully, it really isn't. They are two very different shows and you should treat them as such. Once you really get into it, and disregard the first episode completely, The Office is piss-your-pants funny. The characters are so well written and their development as the seasons go by is superb. You cannot watch this show without having at least one favourite character, if not a handful, and it soon becomes impossible to pick a 'stand out' moment because there are just so many. The writing on this show is simply stunning, and whilst it is downright hilarious at times, it's also extremely warm and relateable and welcoming. Watch it now! You won't regret giving it a go. 

Dexter Season 8


'A miami police forensics experT moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice' 

B: Dexter is the first television show that Luke and I watched together so I guess I get a little sentimental about it but it's with good reason! Not only is it brilliantly cast, the characters are also somewhat relateable, and the writing on the whole is excellent. In just one episode you can go from laughing at Masuka's chat up lines, to empathising with Debra, to absolutely crapping yourself at Dexter and the nail biting situations that he finds himself in as a result of his 'dark passenger'. You could say that I have been known to be a little obsessive about this show at times. And yes I did adapt it into a fairly long poem full of quotes and hugely nerdy references to the show, that may or may not have confused my tutor who was marking it but hey! It's a really great show. A lot of people criticized its overall finale but I thought it was really fitting, and quite poetic. This show is just so interesting, and whilst it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it could be yours and, therefore, it deserves a chance! To quote my patronus, Debra Morgan, it's 'fucking A'. 



'a writer tries to juggle his career, his relationship with his daughter and his ex-girlfriend, as well as his appetite for beautiful women' 

B: Before I get started, watch the opening scene. If you find yourself cringing and laughing simultaneously, Cali is for you. If you were deeply offended by it, don't watch it. Seriously. It's not one to watch with your grandparents, lets put it that way! However, Luke and I absolutely bloody love it. It's funny, witty and hugely charming. This show is great for those days where you're feeling a low or disinterested and need a pick me up, so we are more than a little sad that it's ending this year! Watch it now and hate yourself at how much you actually love Hank and Charlie, despite the fact that they're both absolute assholes that make incredibly poor life choices.  


game of thrones

'seven noble families fighT for control of the mythical land of westeros'

L: This huge HBO series adapted from George R.R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire series just has to have a mention in this post. I personally think the transition from book to television has been brilliant and I think HBO are really one of only a few companies that could pull it off, considering the budget needed to create a whole new fictional world in such remarkable detail. That's not to mention the enormous array of talented actors, actresses and all those equally important people behind the scenes. I have never watched a TV series with such stark (see what I did there!) highs and lows and to me so far it is like I have been watching one epic film, and it's one I'll certainly be viewing until the end.

B: Jon Snow....That is all.



' on The run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college-dropout, finds himself a job working with harvey specter, one of new york city's best lawyers'

L: This TV series was such a great find and one that took me a while to finally pick up and give a go. Having said that, I'm so glad I did because, from Dexter to Breaking Bad, from Chuck to The Walking Dead, it offers something new and refreshing that I haven't really watched before. It takes you through the fascinating world of law and those who choose to wield it, whether it be for their own gain or for someone else's. Donna, Harvey and Louis are some of my favourite TV characters, and the comedy and thrills Suits provides just makes me cry when they insist on having mid-season breaks! You might not stumble upon this show, as in the UK it is hosted on the king of re-runs Dave. However, it's definitely worth a watch.  



'A drama centred around a female fbi agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena' 

L: This has got to be the best sci-fi TV series in recent times, excluding The X-Files, and with J. J. Abrams at the helm it's a worthy addition to one of my favorite genres. Walter Bishop, despite his somewhat horrifically ill-advised decisions over the years, is a character that you will come to love, along with the rest of the abnormal crime fighting crew. I must warn you however that as seasons pass, especially towards the end, the quality begins to fade and you begin to want it to end sooner than it does, if only because the first couple of seasons were so good. Negative musings aside, however, Fringe is definitely worth watching for its charm, thrills, mystery and Walter's love of strawberry laces and LSD. 

There you have it! We have a billion other favourites that we shall no doubt share over the course of this year but until then, make sure you check these out if you have yet to already! 

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  1. Ohhhh I feel like a terrible person - I've only seen one of these! I'm stupidly into the US Office right now, crying at Dwight on a nightly basis haha. Dexter is next on my list, but putting the others on there too now as I haven't heard of some! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. I am totally addicted to Game of Thrones - I need season 3 to come out on boxset so I can catch up, the wait is killing me!
    I've never heard of 'suits' but from what you say it sounds right up my street. Oh dear...I already have breaking bad to watch but it seems that this going to have to be on my list aswell!

    Taz and Bear

  3. Fucking A. Dexter is my all time face TV show (but lets not talk about the last series) Also love True Blood, Breaking Bad and of course The Walking Dead!

  4. I've been meaning to watch the US Office for a while now - is it on Netflix do you know?
    I tried Dexter but really couldn't get on with it. I loved the first couple of seasons of Californication but then I just got bored because the same old things happen over and over again.
    I can't even stand being in the same room when my husband is watching Game of Thrones because the sound of people screaming makes me feel a bit sick. He keeps trying to tell me that it's really not that gory but unfortunately the only bits I ever seem to see involve someone getting their head chopped off.
    Never watched Suits or Fringe though so I'll have to give those a go. Always on the look out for a good series - especially now I'm on maternity leave!

  5. I have actually not watched ANY of these, despite harry's urging. I'm crap at watching anything which isn't mentally 'easy'... Hence why I'm currently rewatching all of Friends from s1 again. For maybe the 5th or so time. I should take your good advice, and switch it up a bit. During the holidays when I can manage marathons (easily addicted) and can watch something else before bed so I don;t get nightmares (vivid imagination) :)

  6. I can't say i've watched any of those shows - I have been watching a lot of The Following, Psyche, Community and American Horror Story. Having Netflix and Hulu Plus we never run out of things to watch!

  7. I never enjoyed the UK version of the Office so wasn't expecting to like the US version but fell in love with it, especially Pam and Jim. Game of Thrones is amazing and I'm so impressed with the adaptation from book to TV show, I think the only that has bothered me so far was Talisa but I guess they tied that loose end up.
    I also really like American Horror Story and the Following is also really good, although a little frustrating to watch!


  8. Shane and I just finished watching Dexter a couple months back - so good, though we were actually a little annoyed at the final episode haha! My friend was actually telling me to watch suits the other week, so I think I'll give that a go after we finish watching Breaking Bad :)
    Have a lovely week guys! :)

  9. I've been told a bunch recently to start watching Suits - guess I'm going to have to since it sits on this list with a bunch of greats!

  10. Great post! I heart finding people who also share a passion for watching tv series.
    Dexter is my all time favorite show! and the end was just as it should have been, coudn´t agree with you more. Game of Thrones follows closely behind....heck I like it so much that I bought all the books just so I could get more details of the story (I´m still on book 1 but am loving every second of it)
    Another one of my favorite series that I recommend 100% is Once Upon a Time, it has so many characters and stories that entwine together that you never grow bored, in fact, you might get hooked!

  11. At the moment, I'm watching White Collar and the Supernatural- both are very good. I've heard so many good things about Suits and Game of the Thrones. I probably will give those a go. Good List!

  12. dey keeps harping on about this 'suits' must watch it x


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